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He then allegedly sent the picture of his manhood to which the woman said she misses it (the manhood) before he asks the woman to also send hers to which she replied that she will do so the following day since she can’t be seen taking pictures of her privates.

The man whose wife wanted to elope with the pastor, however, had a different story to tell.

Vincent Gono, Features Editor A HARARE-BASED pastor is entangled in a love triangle involving a married woman whose husband is in South Africa and has been allegedly sending pictures of his manhood through Whats App as well as asking for sex from the woman.

The youthful unmarried pastor who shepherds the Living Works Global Church in the capital and is known by the pulpit name Pastor Gabriel Cherubin although his real name is Paul Chipato confirmed the affair to Sunday News, saying he was not aware that the woman at the centre of controversy — Miss Tsungirirai Shilling — was still married to husband Mr Royce Mapaike. I know she has a child but she told me she is divorced and I was planning to marry her. Even her relatives, her sisters and brother know me very well. They told me she was still communicating with the father of her child on matters relating to the kid’s upkeep and nothing more.

She said she separated with Mr Mapaike before she went to South Africa adding that she was staying with her sister in South Africa.

In the chats with the pastor, the pastor said he never bothered to ask when she separated with her husband adding that his forte was that her family knew he was going out with her and allowed the affair.

When asked for comment Lawrence confirmed the relationship and said he was peer pressured to act that way by his workmates.“Yes l was having flirting conversations with Rose and actually we started talking years ago.“I was being influenced by my workmates to be in a relationship with her that is why we were sending all those messages to each other.“I also feel that my mother-in-law was behind all this because she knew about my relationship with Rose because at one time I was using her phone to talk to Rose,” he said. feel ya pain wife ugly as fuck_and is probably older than you.

and when a sharp brother finds himself stuck in a quagmire like this, Fuckin your wife's younger and more salacious sister seems like the next logical step. U made it sound as if Whatsapp deliberately committed a crime by leaking the chats without the consent of the parties involved.

He even confirmed that they had sex starting in December.

He said he met her through church sometime in November last year and that was before I left the country for South Africa.

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