What is validating steam cache files

Note: If you are performing a direct path load into multiple partitions and a space error occurs, the load is rolled back to the last commit point.If there was no commit point, then the entire load is rolled back.Internally, multiple buffers are used for the formatted blocks.While one buffer is being filled, one or more buffers are being written if asynchronous I/O is available on the host platform.Local index partitions that correspond to the data partition or subpartition being loaded are maintained by SQL*Loader.

You can use the When loading a single partition of a partitioned or subpartitioned table, SQL*Loader partitions the rows and rejects any rows that do not map to the partition or subpartition specified in the SQL*Loader control file.The tables to be loaded must already exist in the database. It loads existing tables that either already contain data or are empty.The following privileges are required for a load: When SQL*Loader performs a conventional path load, it competes equally with all other processes for buffer resources. Extra overhead is added as SQL statements are generated, passed to Oracle, and executed.Overlapping computation with I/O increases load performance.During a direct path load, data conversion occurs on the client side rather than on the server side.

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