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It may feel too prescriptive and dogmatic to adult athletes who feel perfectly capable of deciding whether to pursue such a relationship.

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Who are the people who thought a gutter chat like this was the move that the magazine needed?

What in the good world are you doing by having a crass sex-focused Twitter chat? You MUST want us to start thinking of you differently if you allow your corporate account to become smutville for a full hour.

First of all, you’re a music and entertainment magazine that WAS cutting edge, and the go-to for young folks who loved to be in the know. It was so damb irrelevant and I took it to mean you’re rebranding.

We were blessed with such gems as: I’ve seen people tweet like this but not on an account with 390,000 followers. Not even on Playboy Magazine’s Twitter will you find this type of discussion.

And as if just that stuff wasn’t side-eye worthy enough. Yes, because what we don’t have is enough conversations about “hoes.” Surely. This basic ass conversation with these basic ass questions only showed that Vibe was cosigning trite and stupid crap that did nothing to advance conversations about sex.

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