Java validating data

Here are the results as of January 2013: This input type lets you collect an email address.

If the "list" attribute is not specified, then the intention is that the browser supplies some help in entering a legal email address (e.g., the i Phone browser uses an email-optimized keyboard) and/or validation on submission.

There are two keys to understanding why the automatic fallback works consistently in all major browsers: (unless "foo" is a recognized input type or "bar" is a recognized attribute of the input element).

For each of the new input types, we present a high-level description, an overview of the syntax, a description of the main attributes, a summary of which current browsers support it, and an example you can experiment with in your browser.

HTML5 defines a variety of new input types: sliders, number spinners, popup calendars, color choosers, autocompleting suggest boxes, and more.

The beauty of these elements is that you can use them now: for browsers that don't support a particular input type, there is automatic fallback to standard textfields.

For each type of input element, we use the code to detect if your browser supports it. You should normally supply all of value, min, and max.

As of January 2013, the latest version of Opera has no difference in look on input, but performs email address validation on submission.

Also, if you have two related date input fields (e.g., start date and end date), you might want to use Java Script to change the second field when the first field changes (e.g., set the end date to one day after the start date).

Adding the "list" attribute lets you add autocomplete behavior to most of the text-oriented input types (reqular textfields, email, URL, search, etc.) covered in this tutorial.

So, use the number (spinner) input type if you want to let the user choose an exact value.

Browsers are supposed to use a horizontal slider unless you attach CSS that specifies a smaller width than height, in which case they are supposed to use a vertical slider.

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