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When Hastings starts looking the better option you know its time to do something about it surely!! posted by Naomi on 28 Sept 2007 at pm Yes, we are totally bewildered as to why anyone would move to an area with obviously first researching its amenities regardless of age group and then complain when there appears to be a lack of activities available.

They should consider themselves lucky - after all, there's Hanging Out Outside The Co-Op to keep them busy, or of course the popular Racing Mopeds Around The Town Centre. Bexhill has a good selction of things which if people look they will enjoy.......

I am not retired, but appreciate the very pleasant way of life. posted by John Parsons on 30 Sept 2006 at pm Does anyone know how the so called "worst town" is defined? Is it only seaside towns, or every place in Britain. posted by Aime on at pm What exactly is there for under 30's to do in Bexhill? And if you're singing the praises of places like cooden, don't forget Sidley.

I was unfortunate enough to live there for a year and had more trouble there than where I am living now - in central St. Your sleepy little town gifts people with nothing but an art gallery and rusting ice cream vans.

Barely a night or day goes past without some kind of pub brawl.

We had a restaurant in the Old Town and could not help but overhear customers saying they would not come here (Hastings) again due to the parking restrictions and deterioration of the place.

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