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It's about experimenting with that special someone and going on an adventure with them."The Pop-Up Shop located at the High Line Gallery will be open to the public today (Sept.

"Get Back" is a song performed by American singer Demi Lovato.

This was something that was totally foreign to me, so it caused a lot of confusion and frustrations.

And that's what I wrote this song about.""Hitchhiker""This song is both sexy and a little risky. to 9 p.m., and the first 400 fans on arrival today get wristbands for the album signing.

The initial writing of the song took place when Lovato wanted to write a song about getting back together with an old boyfriend, as opposed to writing mean or heartbroken songs.

For some people this song is about the end of a relationship, but for me, it's a goodbye letter to my old self and some of my destructive behaviors.

In Australia, the song peaked at number ten on the ARIA Hitseekers chart.

Lovato has performed the song on several occasions, including the 2008 Disney Channel Games, Good Morning America and The Ellen De Generes Show.

So it's deeply personal.""Daddy Issues" and "Concentrate""I knew I wanted to record this song the second I heard it.

It's both soulful and playful -- not to mention, very sexy.""Ruin the Friendship""This is a song about wanting to get out of the friend zone with someone you have a close friendship with. A lot of us have experienced this at some point in our lives, whether it's a close colleague you want to hook up with or a best friend you grew up with.

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