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In earlier version of this mark the catalogue number with a large dot (! Later, similar to Fraget mark of the same period, the small oval with "N" letter appears, which means normal thickness of silver deposited onto the surface of the base metal (usually on brass)".Note the simultaneous disappearance of the dot after the catalogue number.It has the inscription in Polish "WARSZAWA NORBLIN & Co" ("WARSAW NORBLIN & Co") the year of production inside the oval. Next Norblin mark which also refers to fusion-based silver deposition.

dating silver plate marks-78

This was done by scratching through the 3 wavy blue lines with a diamond cutter.In contrast to the previous mark in some cases it has a dot (! I think that the presence of a dot could be connected with the use of galvanic-based silver deposition, while the absence of the dot could be connected with the use of fusion-based silver deposition. Next mark differs from mark No.3 by a rounder shape of the oval.Again, the absence/presence of the dot after the word "PLAQU" could be connected with fusion-based/galvanic technique of silver deposition. According to the description of Wysiadecki collection [6], items 166-169, this Norblin mark differs from the mark No.4 by the disposition of French inscription "PLAQU", which is laid in a cartouche (rectangle) below the oval.But the period from 1901 - 1928 became a new period of success under the artistic input from Chr.Joachim (1870-1943) and Harald Slott-Mller (1864-1937). They crated the important works of Danish Skonvirke in the coloristic Art faience of Aluminia.

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