Dating of multi use containers

Softwoods are derived from evergreen trees such as conifers, which are fast growing. This faster rate of burning is accompanied by a slightly higher heat output.This is one reason why softwood pellets (for pellet stove) are popular.A fully open air control will lead to more heat being sent straight up the chimney rather than into the room (which reduces efficiency).The biggest problem with leaving the air control fully open is “overfiring”.

Individual stoves will have their own quirks, so it is necessary to learn each new stove's settings.Modern building techniques have created more airtight homes, forcing many stove manufacturers to recommend that their stoves be installed with outside air intake.Outside air ensures that stoves will run more efficiently, and also removes the need for cold air for the combustion process to pass through the living space, thus reducing "draughts", and improving comfort of the occupants.When purchasing, cutting, or collecting firewood, it is crucial to be aware of the difference between hardwood and softwood.Both hardwood and softwood have the same energy content (by mass) and will provide similar energy outputs.

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