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She is surprised to learn that someone like Han-gyeol is so rich.Meanwhile, Han-sung (actor Lee Sun-gyun) arrives late at the opening day of the cafe and congratulates Han-gyeol.

Eun-chan goes over to Han-gyeol’s place because of the rain.

He waits for Eun-sae to finish her bath at a bathhouse but is shocked when he sees Eun-sae leave the bathhouse together with Eun-chan. They decide to go on a trip together to the mountains but change their plans and head to Mr. While reading a book along a road, Han-gyeol makes a big mistake...

Eun-chan (actress Yoon Eun-hye) is invited by Han-sung (actor Lee Sun-gyun) to attend Yoo-joo’s (actress Chae Jung-ahn) art exhibit.

When Eun-chan is told by Han-sung that Yoo-joo is his ex-girlfriend, she gets green with envy and laments how she cannot compare to the sophisticated Yoo-joo.

While leaving the exhibit, she bumps into Han-gyeol (actor Gong Yoo)... Han-sung gets a call from Eun-chan and when Han-gyeol hears Eun-chan talk to him in a friendly tone, he gets annoyed...

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